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I agreed to teach my 12-year old niece how to sew. What a great project! She's doing really well and by the end of this July 2013 week, she'll have two dresses and a quilt to show for it.



St. Patrick's Church "Gingerbread Wonderland Tour" and Workshop - December 7-8, 2013

The Cheshire Historical Society
I am a member of the Cheshire Historical Society in Cheshire Connecticut. I do their webpage and I get some very nice feedback from people. I coordinated this 2006 event: The Titus Moss Walk Back In Time about a Cheshire farmer who enlisted in the Civil War.
Cruise Vacations - Being Creative On A Ship
I love to cruise. I've been on dozens of ships. I dream of retiring on a cruise ship, sailing around the world. Part of what I like is the simplicity of the vacation experience. As I go through each embarkation, I feel my day-to-day life slip into the background, indeed, remain on the dock. I travel with watercolors, colored pencils, drawing pads. I like to find a spot in the shade, out of the way. I open a drawing pad, take out a pencil, and it begins. These links are photos and drawings of some of my cruise trips: Alaska 2004 Italy/Croatia 2005 Russia 2006 Germany Rhine River 2007 Greece-Turkey-Italy 2008
Shane is Great
What if you were to meet someone who was so exceptional that you felt compelled to tell the world about it? I met a young man who has the potential to do anything, be anything, accomplish anything. He combines this with a natural style, grace, and an honesty that is humbling. Shane. This is for you.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog



I own three Anatolian Shepher Dogs. My oldest is Aladdin. This is a breed that is like no other I've encountered. I wouldn't actually say I "own" the dogs. I believe I partner with them. The breed originates from Turkey. I am indebted to Anatolian Shepherds of Caatskill, specifically Ann Collins one of the most wonderful people I know. Please take a look at Ann's artwork as well. She's currently taking consignments and does some remarkable pieces up in Catskill NY.

The Connecticut Pet Expo - Hartford CT
I have been doing a breed booth at the Pet Expo - lots of photos! 2007 2008 This year, the Pet Expo is at the Hartford Convention Center on October 8, 2011 - I'll be there.

Gingerbread Houses
I've been making gingerbread houses since I was 16. This is my tried and true recipe & tips. Please take a chance. Read my web page, google some more and read some more. Check out your public library for books. And give it a whirl.
What's the worst thing that will happen? You'll have a delicious pile of cookie, frosting and candy and you'll have to eat it. Most mistakes in life are not so sweet.

Use this search engine and you will use no other. Dogpile

My Family

Yes, we love them and they make us crazy and there are moments where you swear...! But they are our family.

Uncle Bill - YOU Click Here To See Family Photos

Joan's Big Day

A Summer of String
Take a look at these ideas for making a string lantern with a solar light enclosed.

I very much wanted to do something more with solar lights. I've got a few tricky spots in my house that need a little illumination at night (for example, a dark hallway that an aging parent needs to negotiate). Solar lights have solved that problem, especially in this crochet lantern that softens the light and actually broadcasts it. Yes, this is your basic Home Depot $3 solar light inside of this string lantern. Nice! I do need to charge it outside each day but it does the trick with no rewiring and no additional charge to my electric bill.

There are also some crochet bags I designed - I promise: not your Granny's crochet!

If it is the love of that which your work represents -- if, being a landscape painter, it is love of hills and trees that moves you -- if being a figure painter, it is love of human beauty, and human soul that moves you -- if, being a flower or animal painter, it is love, and wonder, and delight in petal and in limb that move you, then the Spirit is upon you, and the earth is yours, and the fullness thereof.
- Ruskin, The Two Paths

Love you and miss you Girlfriend

We're going boom boom boom and that's the way it is
In a great big world and that's the way it is

- Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense


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